Friday, 10 April 2015

Persuasion: Industrial music and mind control (1975-1995)

Some vintage Nocturnal Emissions material is included in:
Persuasion: Industrial music and mind control (1975-1995)

exhibition in HEAD, Geneva

"The England in the 1970s witnessed the emergence of industrial music bands involved in a counterculture that operated as a platform of exchange between the arts. The industrial movement committed an elaborated thinking between graphics, music, performance and video art in an experimental framework and under the increasing influence of technology. Some emblematic artists of this movement were aware of the important role of the media and the new form of power that went along with the ability to manipulate mobs.

 The exhibition "Persuasion: Industrial music and mind control (1975-1995)" highlights the visual productions of industrial artists that reveal a growing interest in mind control. A regular practice of mail art and collage allowed industrial artists to design album covers, fanzines and posters as a means of spreading their music to a wider audience. These artistic media reflect today a prolific visual culture with an interest for mind control. This phenomenon is presented here in three sequences identified by the titles of some songs or videos. The sound and image in mental conditioning (How to Operate Your Brain), the surgical experience in psychiatry (Suture Obsession) and the sonic warfare of industrial music (Nothing Short of a Total War) establish a link with science from the military in the 1960s and 1970s. Referrals, perpetual détournements and quotes that feed industrial culture from military researches are manifested by the development of a unique underground press. The Industrial News magazine by Throbbing Gristle and the RE/Search publications give examples of these strategies that reveal the aesthetic of industrial music.

 The works of Autopsia, Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA, Club Moral, Esplendor Geométrico, La NomenKlaTur, Le Syndicat, M.B., Maeror Tri, Minamata, Nocturnal Emissions, Nurse With Wound, Pacific 231, Psychic TV, RE/Search, SPK, The Anti-Group, Sordide Sentimental, The Hafler Trio, Throbbing Gristle, Urbain Autopsy, Zorïn are exposed in this exhibition."
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Friday, 16 January 2015

Sound Works at Generator

AllGold & Generator present: The Spatialization of Sound -
Multi-channel Soundworks

 Saturday January 17 Gen Ken Montgomery (USA)
Sunday January 18 Benoit Bories (France)
Saturday January 24 Heinz Weber (Germany)
Sunday January 25 Nigel Ayers (UK) 
Saturday January 31 Daniel Neumann (USA)
Sunday February 1 Conrad Schnitzler (Germany) + Frank Rothkamm Weiner Process

January 24th 12- 6pm Generator will present 6 hours of the 24 hour Wiener Process with a mini lecture on top of every hour. The “Wiener Process” is a 24 hour computer music initially developed as an antidote to Rothkamm’s diagnosis with the brain processing disorder Tinnitus in 2010 and completed in 2014. Seeded from a single quantum theoretical algorithm, the “Wiener Process” unfolds in 24 distinct 1 hour pieces and proposes the open source model of psychostochastics to gain a new understanding of our perception of sound, time and uncertainty. __________________________

 Saturday January 17 Gen Ken Montgomery DRONE-SKIP-CLICK-LOOP The sound source for each of the four programs was created by typing random numbers representing acoustic specifications into a FM synthesis module for the computer. The resulting 1 or 2 seconds of sound was offset by random numbers into anoth-er channel and repeated for 17 minutes. This 17 minute 2 trackloop was overlapped in the studio 4 times to create 8 channels of sound. Each of the 8 tracks were processed slowly during their 17 minute length. They were then recombined into one stereo track. This was done 4 times to create 4 stereo programs. When these 4 programs are played back and mixed to a stereo recording the resulting sound is a noisy mess. However, by isolating the 4 programs and playing each through discrete sound systems, an interesting spatial listening experience unfolds. For optimal listening enjoyment place yourself in the middle of the 8 speakers. DRONESKIPCLICKLOOP was created in 1997 at Harvestworks, Inc. New York City for the Generator Sound Theater __________________________

 Sunday January 18 Benoit Bories Resonances Benoit Bories is a documentarist and sound creator. He produces audio documentaries for France Culture, Arte Radio, Radio France International, RTBF and ABC Radio. He also works sound creations in the field of the live performance and trans-media productions (web-documentary, installations). In 2009, he founded Faïdos Sonore with Charlotte Rouault. Together, they animate workshops of sound creations for different public (education, museum and specialized institutes). The physicist formation of Benoit Bories and his practice of the sound him allowed to acquire an autonomy and a report of autodidact compared to sound creation. Benoit Bories gained the Price Bohemia 2013, Special Commendation of the Price Europa 2013 and has been finalist at the Prices Italia 2013 and Sheffield Documentary Award 2014 for the documentary “Camp sisterhood » produced by Arte Radio. __________________________

Saturday January 24 Heinz Weber Guitar Piece #1 (2012) Heinz Weber (*1957) is a German sound artist and musician. He studied visual arts at the „Hochschule für bildende Künste“ in Hamburg in the late 70th and early 80th. His work is focussed on sound installations and research about the musical quality of space. In 2013, after a break of more than 20 years he re-started playing electric guitar. Heinz Weber lives in Berlin. __________________________

Sunday January 25 Nigel Ayers Aquarius Suirauqa A three-minute vinyl recording of a Cornish male voice choir, the Raymon Hill Singers, performing the song "Aquarius" from the musical "Hair", has been subjected to a digital studio process known as time-stretching, in which the duration of the piece is extended whilst preserving the same pitch. The track is now 60 minutes long and has been overdubbed with the same time-stretched recording playing in reverse. __________________________

 Saturday January 31 Daniel Neumann Title: PAST ONE CYCLE - a disembodiement __________________________

 Sunday February 1 Conrad Schnitzler Generator presents a unique opportunity to hear Schnitzler’s compositions the way he intended them to be heard: the audience will be surrounded by 8 speakers, immersed in the physicality of S’chnitzler’s sounds, adding new depths to the compositions of this pioneer of the German electronic music scene. Sunday February 1st only, Gen Ken Montgomery will conduct a live Cassette CONcert, a boxed set of cassettes that Schnitzler composed with the intent that others could perform and listen to his octophonic Cassette CONcerts without him being physically present.