Monday, 10 September 2007

The Planetarium Must Be Built!

The Planetarium Must Be Built! is a low-fidelity simulation of one year of ritual walks on the Bodmin Moor Zodiac. The Zodiac is a mythical system which has been created by extensive fieldwork on Bodmin Moor using technology such as GPS satellite data to empirically verify visualised landscape symbols.

It is presented in the form of a geodesic dome, containing multiple CD players, each one playing a recording of a ritual walks. Each CD player is placed in a circle on an aerial photograph which maps both the place and time of the walk.

Visitors to the installation experience a unique time-based interaction with recorded material. Visual elements such as a DVD slideshow, a kinetic planetarium sculpture lit in ultraviolet light; and removable elements such as books and maps feature in the installation.

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