Tuesday 28 October 2008

Sponsor's Message

Using public domain footage is one way of using the medium of collage, but I think in this case back in 1982 we were trying to make a different point, where it was necessary to use footage expressly without the permission of its corporate owners (see video below).
Intellectual property law does not address the fact that advertisers are overstepping personal boundaries by colonising personal psychic space with their repetitive messages of eroticised consumerism. I think we really have to question in whose interests intellectual property laws are constructed.
Do we accept that the corporations who produce this material can claim to own it once it has become a part of our subconscious? Who exactly owns the contents of our minds?

Saturday 18 October 2008

Bodmin Moor Explorer: Mission to Pisces

Video screenshots of a multimedia CD Rom documenting explorations of the area of Bodmin Moor corresponding to the Pisces constellation.
Click here to download the full version http://www.artcornwall.org/webprojects/interface%2045%20enhanced5all2.swf
23 MB download takes about 10 minutes.
For further information see the book The Bodmin Moor Zodiac

Friday 17 October 2008

Crop Circle exhibition in Atlanta Georgia

Crop Circles, Cosmograms, Psychogeographies

If nothing else, perhaps it can be said that modernity is about diagrams, schematics, blueprints, Rorschalk cards, flow charts, maps, floorplans and all the other graphic devices designed to simplify and link the real, material world with the abstract world of thought and feeling. The same thing might be said of the visual arts in general.

The infamous crop circles started mysteriously appearing in the fields of England in the mid-Seventies. Over the past thirty plus years, they have become the source of much speculation, wonderment, hoaxing: were they made by artists? By aliens? By intelligent plasmas? Unknown terrestrial forces? Covert military operations? As with everything, your answers depended on your proclivities and stations in life. At the very least, they were beautiful and 'artistic' and SEEMED to be some form of cosmograms, in the same league with mandalas, Mayan city constructions, Egyptian mega-constructions, archaic native American pictographs and other nativistic schematics which seemed to link an astronomical world above with the terrestrial world below … and to imbue those diagrams with a purported spiritual power.

All these types of 'ground-based' diagrams also have in common implicit psychological connections with the land even to the point of creating those connections ex nihilio. The term 'psychogeography' was coined some years ago to account for the feeling that the 'beach under the pavement' somehow makes itself felt in ideas, feelings, and 'spirits'.

The visual arts show at eyedrum art and music gallery will explore these connections and forms: What are these forms? Do they have effects and affects or is 'aesthetic' sufficient? Can they be created anew? Does technology facilitate these 'cosmic figures' and give them new voice or does it kill them off in paving them over and leave us with a dead schematic ... which nevertheless still tries to speak?

Tuesday 14 October 2008

Sunday 5 October 2008

Dog Walks in Mozzanella

GPS traces of walks Lesley and I took with my brother Danny's dogs, Sasha and Basil, in Mozzanella, Italy last week.

Saturday 4 October 2008

This Living Legend is going to Salzburg

the band is active since 1980 - one of the earliest and most influencing bands in Experimental Electronic Music - A LIVING LEGEND! - from England
die Band existiert seit 1980 und ist eine der einflussreichsten Bands in experimenteller elektronischer Musik! - EINE LEBENDE LEGENDE! - aus England

another legend in "Ambient"-NoiseDrone music - active since 1987! - also from England
einer weitere Legende in "Ambient"-NoiseDrone Music - aktiv seit 1987! - auch aus England

the one and only Japanese Power-Electronic band - their first concert outside Japan!
die einzige Power-Electronic Band aus Japan! - ihr erstes Konzert ausserhalb ihrer Heimat!

the one and only Bavarian Noise-act!
die einzige Bayrische Krach-Band!

firday, 10th october 2008
at the CAVE-CLUB / Salzburg
with OVERDOSE after-party

start: 7pm / 19:00 Uhr
15 euro (including open-end-party!)

Wet Pussies