Friday 20 March 2020

The Beauty of Pollution

Friday 6 March 2020

Four Compositions for John Fare

Recorded in 2005.

John Charles Fare was born in 1936 in Toronto and attended Forest Hill College. In 1959 he moved to London to study architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, but soon left to live in Copenhagen. He was briefly held in a mental health facility for exposing himself in public at performances. After his release, he was re-arrested for gluing objects to a car.

The car's owner, musician and inventor Golni Czervath, did not press charges and befriended Fare. The two developed a robotic operating table with painter Gilbert Andoff. The first performance was a lobotomy on Fare in June 1964. All performances were performed on a Friday.

By the time Fare performed at the Isaacs Gallery in Toronto on 17 September 1968, he "was short one thumb, two fingers, eight toes, one eye, both testicles, and several random patches of skin." The amputated parts were preserved in alcohol. That evening, he had his right hand amputated.

Fare's body was fitted with small microphones, which transmitted his pulse and breathing frequency in a distorted fashion. Fare performed six more shows between 1968 and 1972.

Source: Wikipedia (accessed 06.03.2020)