Wednesday 27 March 2013

Open Provocation Festival - Polruan - Cornwall

Festival of contemporary music and performance in Polruan, Cornwall, UK :: 17-20 April 2013

featuring: Nicholas Bullen (UK),
Lee Patterson (UK),
Jörg Maria Zeger (DE),
JD Zazie (IT/DE) ,
Iris Garrelfs (DE/UK) ,
Mat Pogo (IT/DE),
Company F**k (AU/DE)
and from Cornwall:
Dominick Allen,
Nigel Ayers, 
Matt Davis,
Dennis Wiehahn,
Kat McDowall,
Robert Curgenven

(I'll be doing an audio/visual performance on the evening of Saturday 20th).
Support the festival from wherever you are in the world through buying the festival compilation
all sales go to supporting the festival directly, your support will be greatly appreciated

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Thursday 7 March 2013

Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, died on Tuesday.
Here he is photographed back in 2005, with soccer star Diego Maradona who is wearing a piece of my artwork for the occasion.

Sunday 3 March 2013

Music for Butoh

Between 1990 & 1992 I provided the live soundtracks to some Butoh dance performances by Poppo & the GoGo Boys in UK, Denmark, Netherlands and La Mama Theater in New York USA. Here's some documentation: