Wednesday 4 January 2023

I'm Nigel Ayers

I'm Nigel Ayers, I've been performing music for the last 40 odd years, and despite my unique talent, I never really gained much recognition in the music world. But I didn't let that get me down - I was passionate about my craft and continued to create and perform my brand of sound for anyone who would listen. One day, I decided to start sharing my music on Instagram, hoping to reach a wider audience. 

At first, I only had a handful of followers, but as word of my incredible talent spread, more and more people began to take notice. 

"I never thought my music would be appreciated by so many people," I said to a friend one day. "But I'm so grateful for every single one of my followers. It's amazing to think that my music is being heard all over the world."

 In order to grow my following even more, I started posting photos of my dog's daily walks and using computer generated texts to engage with my followers and keep them updated on my latest sounds. I also started giving video talks from my shed in the early hours of the morning. These talks were often filled with the sounds of birds chirping and my dog barking in the background, sharing my thoughts on the latest trends and techniques in the world of music.

 In my video talks, I often discussed the influence of folklore and 1970s reggae music. I talked about how I incorporated traditional instruments and rhythms into my tracks, and how I used my love of reggae to add a sense of nostalgia and depth to my music. 

"I've always been fascinated by the storytelling aspect of folklore and reggae," I said in one of my talks. "I try to incorporate that same sense of storytelling into my music, to create tracks that are both innovative and emotionally resonant."

 "I'm just happy to be able to share my music with the world," I said with a smile. "I never thought it would take me 40 years, but I'm glad that I never gave up on my dream. Here's to many more years of creating and performing music."