Tuesday 28 August 2018

Nocturnal Emissions in Transmission, Dartington, Devon, Duty Experiment 2018 Years

MuhMur Radio Nocturnal Emissions Special Part One : Featuring the sounds of Nocturnal Emissions plus tracks from I.B.F. (Ideas Beyond Filth), Bourbonese Qualk, Caroline K and The Pump. Full track listing will appear on the ReMuhMuration blog. This was broadcast on SoundArt Radio. 26 August 2018.

MuhMur Radio Nocturnal Emissions Special Part Two featuring a live performance from Nigel Ayers and 'In Conversation' with Tony Whitehead (Very Quiet Records), plus sounds from Nocturnal Emissions and Ayers/Everall/Harris. This programme was broadcast on SoundArt Radio August 26 2018.